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“It Gives Us Great Satisfaction To Right The Wrongs Of Others”

About Us

More than 20 years experience

Charles Savage has been a private investigator since 1999. He has conducted thousands of investigations and his main goal is to meet his customers primary objective.

  • Free Consultation
  • Confidential and Discreet
  • Local and National Services
  • Male and Female Investigators
  • Licensed and Bonded Investigators
  • Attorney Services and Consultations for Clients
  • Experienced Evidence Presentation in Court Proceedings
  • Technology Advanced Surveillance Methods and Equipment
  • Access to Multiple Nationwide Data Bases for Thorough Background Profiles

We match your unique needs with the most experienced investigator!

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Let us know how we can help! Get in touch and we'll give you all of our attention and our best advise.

Our process

After a free consultation we will evaluate the facts and give you the best process for your case.

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We will listen and understand your primary objective. We will conduct a thorough investigation.

About Us

“We Will Discover The Truth”

Our Background Profile Services are different than most. How? We are professional licensed private investigators. When you order a report from us you have a PI working for you.   A thorough search from many Nationwide Database  ensues and you are guaranteed to get the most complete profile available. You will be given a contact name and phone number of a licensed private investigator to ask questions or discuss options and concerns. Other online services are typically a search of one database that provides less information for the same price as ours.