Charles Savage with Savage Investigations on Child Custody Cases


Charles Savage with Savage Investigations Child Custody
Charles Savage with Savage Investigations
Child Custody

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Child Custody cases are the most complicated and emotional driven cases I deal with.  Divorce is hard enough but add children to the mix and your at a whole new level. Parents are typically concerned with who is having access to their children. Questions posed to me include are “Who is watching my kids when my ex isn’t there?:,”Is my ex having companions spend the night when the children are there?, “Is my ex associated with drugs”, “Is my ex putting my child at risk by exposing them to a child molester?”, etc.  Savage Investigations, LLC has been very successful in capturing suspicious activity while conducting covert surveillance. Knowing if your children are being well taken care of can ease parents minds who don’t always know what’s going on in their children’s lives.

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