Child Custody

Most parents can maintain a joint custody agreement which is usually the best path to take for the children. unfortunately not all parents are stable enough and others make poor life style decisions that will negatively affect the children. In these situations there are other custody options available to you.

One alternative type of custody is called sole custody. This means one parent has complete responsibility for the physical and legal custody of the child. The other parent, referred to as the non-custodial parent, has limited rights concerning the child but may be granted visitation. Although this type of custody arrangement is not too common there are serious reasons why a court would grant sole custody to one parent over the other and they are:

°   History of child abuse
°   History of violence
°   Substance abuse problem
°   Charges of neglect towards child
°   New partner who is incompetent
°   Co-Habitation when child is present
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In these situations any visitation between the non-custodial parent and the child will be supervised.

In some cases, if a court does grant sole physical custody, they will allow the parents to maintain joint legal custody and give the non-custodial parent significant visitation.

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